Rest API

EXX provides APIs for fast access to its spot markets with the following features: Market data, Order book, Depths of bids and asks, Trade history, Trade execution, Order information, Order history, Account information.

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Receive the latest EXX market data

Interface Description
+- All markets
+- All price
+- Market quotation
+- The depth of market
+- Trade History
+- 获取K线

Trade API

Fast Trade on

Interface Description
+- Place commissioned order
+- Cancel order
+- Acquire buy order or sell order
+- Acquire multiple buy order or sell order, request to return 10 records each time.
+- Acquire user information
+- Get deposit address
+- Get deposit record
+- Get certification withdrawal address
+- Get withdrawal record
+- Withdrawal

Sample Code

Request Parameter Specification(Encrypted signature please according to this order, signature and ReqTime need not to join with signature string)

        String params = "accesskey=yourAccessKey&nonce="+System. currentTimeMillis();
    	String secretKey = "yourSecretKey";
    	String baseURL = "";
    	String signature = HmacSHA512(params, secretKey);
    	String url = baseURL + "?" + params + "&signature=" + signature;
    	String result = doRequest(url);

        //String params = "accesskey=yourAccessKey&nonce=1234567890123";
        //String secretKey = "yourSecretKey";
        //The result of being encrypted with HmacSHA512:
    }catch(Exception ex){


Access Restrictions

1. Each IP can send maximum of 1000 https requests within 1 minute. If exceeds 1000 requests, the system will automatically block the IP for one hour. After an hour, the IP will be automatically unlocked.

2. Each user can send maximum of 10 request within one second, it will be considered invalid if exceeds 10 requests.

3.The asset interface supports up to 3 visits per second

4.The address and record interface can be accessed at most 1 times per second.

5.The money raising authority needs to be opened in the generated API key operation, and the default is not opened.

6.Subaccount does not allow currency manipulation